Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Muppets Of Debt

Later today Prime Minister David Cameron will urge the people of Britain to pay off credit card and store card debt, and tell us that it's time to get our finances in order. What good advice, what simple and straightforward advice.
Britain, are you listening?
Time to look into the mirror, and then into your soul. What we need to see is a cultural sea change, a whole new attitude towards personal responsibility and our finances. As I said in a previous blog, we are also guilty of contributing to this crisis. Am I offending you? Making you irritable? Fantastic. That's my sole intent. And worse, now I'm going to boast that we don't own a credit card in our house, and remarkably nobody died as a result! And other than our mortgage we've no debt whatsoever. Everything in our house, and everything on the driveway is bought and paid for. I'm glad to say that this is one sin that I'm not guilty of. Believe me, there wasn't room for many more. Anyway, aside from my gloating and general desire to poke you all mischievously with a stick, I'm just wanting to stand on the roof tops and yell out something that should be creakingly, crushingly obvious to all of us.
If you can't afford it, don't buy it. And if you do bury yourself under a pile of debt then more fool you. I'm tired of treading around the sheer face of stupidity I see all around me. Take responsibility, and then take a deep breath.  And try being part of the solution rather than the cause of the problem.  And then I can get on with ranting incoherently about something else.

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