Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Prophets Of YouTube

YouTube is an eclectic place. It's also become something of a battleground between advocates of free speech and so called moderate Muslims. Only as it turns out they aren't so moderate.
Consider the following; a prominent YouTube freethinker known as Thunderfoot has posted numerous superb videos about the natural world, the cosmos, and why religion is bogus. He has a following in the millions, and his work has caused a great deal of agitation to those who don't take too kindly to being critiqued. During his time he has been required to liaise with the FBI further to death threats, whilst also being the target of one particular Muslim zealot whom felt it appropriate to publish Thunderfoot's personal details and possible location. The rationale for this was so that fellow Muslims could "Express their dissatisfaction".
In acting so recklessly , Thunderfoot has now become the potential target for Muslim sleeper cells and lone wolfs, against which it is near impossible to construct a defence.
I dislike the teachings of Islam for the same reason I dislike the teachings of all other faiths. They are equally untrue, equally absurd, and equally capable of making fine people do and say utterly asinine things. Yet with Islam there is an additional level of malevolence. It's not just that they aren't big on being criticised; it's that some actively support the use of violence in order to silence detractors.
Ask yourself, is this how a civilised society should operate? Living in fear of retribution for the simple act of refusing to consent to a set of wrong headed ideas? It seems to me that in order to protect free speech we all need to stand against those who are keen to erode it, and in so doing send a unified message that says simply no, we've fought long and hard for these rights and will not be relieved of them.
Islam is a failure on every level. It is an obstruction to progress and and a stumbling block to freedom and free enquiry. It reduces people to slaves, to a herd, subjecting them to the whims of an imaginary God. Worse, it is terrified of reformation, of honest enquiry, and for having its strongholds assaulted by the cold refreshing waters of reason.
For these indictments alone, we should consign it to an early grave.

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