Monday, 17 October 2011

The Very Worst Book In The World?

I often find myself mulling why the Bible is such a poor guide to, well, just about everything? I mean, isn't this the published work of the Creator of the universe? Is it too much to ask that he produce a work devoid of ambiguity, contradiction, and error?
Down the years, doctrinal feuding and interpretation have bought us wonders such as the inquisition and Witch burning. It's also deluded a great many into accepting that the world is flat, the heavens above firm, and the age of the planet approx. 6000 years old. It tells us that it is an abomination for a man to love another man, or a woman another woman. It promotes slavery, endorses child sacrifice, and also provides a blood curdling "how to" guide when it comes to ethnic cleansing. The above are a few examples from thousands, and they serve as merely an appetiser to my main course, which is to wonder just how anybody could ever, and I mean ever, hold the view that it's words are divinely inspired?
Millions. Hundreds of millions believe just that, though. It's wonders are preached from the pulpit, on the mission fields, on through the pages of the numerous Christian books. As I type these words I feel a palpable befuddlement? Has the average believer stopped and asked themselves about its contents? More than that, is it too much to ask God to create a work absent the vast swathes of factual error we read inside?
The only time that any of this makes sense is when I step back, take a breath, and consider the following;
If, instead  of positing the Bible as the divinely inspired word of God I instead ascribe it's insights to the work of the common man, at once all confusion's swept away. It becomes clear that the Bible is full of error because we are full of error. The prophecies fail because we cannot see into the future, the biology fails because these men had insufficient tools to apprehend the natural world, and the cosmology fails because they could not see far enough or clear enough.
Remove God from the equation, and the Bible makes a lot more sense.

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