Saturday, 8 October 2011

Credit Where It's Due

Why do we consider sportspersons as heroes? Or actors? Am I missing something?
It's just that I tend to see heroism in the small and the everyday. The father providing for a family, a mother struggling to raise children alone. I see it in hard working doctors, in brave police officers facing down a mob. I see it in people prepared to be honest and vulnerable and real about themselves.
I see in a the teacher who commits hours of his or her own time to give often ungrateful kids an education. I see it in the teenager who takes time to visit an elderly grandparent. I see it in the volunteer, or in the person who gives generously to charity or individuals without every saying a word about it.
These are people who make a real difference. These people are the heart and soul, the engine room of humanity. And interestingly, the one's who most deserve to be put on a pedestal are those most liable to shy away from it.
The reason for this blog? I'm tired of the celebrity culture, of the adulation we give to overpaid and over rated fools. What is it we idolise? What are we looking up to? Why?
Somewhere on your street, and even within your own four walls there are people doing amazing things, and doing things without the expectation or likelihood of credit. So let's take time to recognise them, and more importantly let's stop giving credit to those who deserve none at all.

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