Thursday, 20 March 2014

A World Gone Soft

A couple of minor news stories have leapt out at me this week. The first was the 24 year old drug dealer who broke down in court upon receiving a life sentence for the murder of a pensioner whom he robbed in order to fund a drug habit. The 2nd comes courtesy of a 23 year old Irish alcoholic whom was left in a bus lane by police officers further to being off her head. Different stories, but with a theme running through both. Or rather, not so much a theme, but rather an absence of personal responsibility on the part of both. I don't care about either individual, and care even less about the claim that they have been somehow wronged. Perhaps those of a more liberal bent might suggest that these two may have had difficult childhoods, upbringings filled with abuse or an absence of love? And perhaps this may prove to be the case. I still wouldn't care.
Thing is, I genuinely don't care whether they had a rough childhood, because that doesn't mean they have to blame current behaviour or misdemeanours on a past they cannot change. There comes a time for us all when we have to stand as responsible citizens and accept the consequences of our personal choices. In the case of Mr and Mrs Cretin they've demonstrated amply that they've failed to do this. It doesn't matter how rough a ride you've had, nothing justifies the murder of an innocent, nor the failure to show even a trace of personal responsibility or self respect. I actively choose not to care about these buffoons because they've chosen not to care about themselves. For me it really is that simple. And you know what, I think we overdo the compassion when it comes to offenders these days. We try too hard to understand and mitigate abject behaviour, looking instead to find a rationale as to why they may be a certain way. I think we should stop this and work towards a culture where we are all encouraged to be self responsible and self aware. A culture where we do all we can to better ourselves rather than expect the state to sweep in and coddle us into competence. Now please note, I have said before and for clarity I will state again that I have all the time in the world for those who are struggling and who need some support and encouragement to get their lives back on track. We need to be a caring society and we need to help those in genuine need. But I reject all calls to bail out every low life and imbecile who makes no effort to treat others as they would hope to be treated themselves. Let the law judge them, let them wallow in their own indolence and lack of self respect. I don't care, and my energies will be spent supporting and walking alongside those who actually want to improve not only their own lives but those of their fellow man. We've been too lenient for too long. It's time to draw the line in the sand.