Wednesday, 19 October 2011

300,000 Newborns Stolen In The Name Of God

Has there ever been a more twisted institution? An organisation so mired in corruption, lies, perversion, and denial? I don't think so.
Please understand that I am fighting to control my words at the moment. I am angry. No, I am enraged. I am appalled beyond all belief at the latest breaking scandal within the Catholic church.
Between 1960 and 1989 it is estimated that 300,000 babies have been trafficked. Put simply, newborns were taken from mother's in Spanish hospitals further to be being told that the child was stillborn. When pressed, a deceased baby was produced and shown to a grieving mother. Only the child on display was already ice cold. But then it would be. It had just been removed from a freezer and was the same one paraded before many mother's subjected to this great deceit.
The reason for this evil? During the reign of General Franco some parents were deemed politically dangerous. Therefore some had children whom were declared stillborn, yet in reality purchased by devoutly religious families whom had been led to believe that the child they were adopting had been given up by the mother. Yet post General Franco's reign the trade continued, with newborns taken from parents deemed unsuitable and handed into the care of devout families who were likely to give the child a better life.
Consider the following; you have carried a child to full term. You give birth, and learn that the infant is a mere cadaver. Can you imagine the trauma? Perhaps some of you know someone whom has given birth to a stillborn? Who get's to decide whom is suitable for parental duty and who is not? The Catholic church, as things turn out.
Only now the scandal is breaking, and I very much hope that this will be the straw that break's the camels back. Don't forget that in order to succeed in such a deceit a network is required. Nurses, Nuns, Preachers, Doctors. What this amounts to is human trafficking on a vast scale, and I expect many of those involved thought they were doing the right thing. They probably even thought they were carrying out the will of God.
Let me be clear. Religion is the only force on Earth that can enthral a decent and kindly person to act like this. With heavenly remit all bets are off, and things previously profane become merely an extension of the Lords will.
Enough. No, really. Enough. At what point do we persist in enduring the out workings of this vast and vile organisation called the Catholic church? How much more are we going to allow them to get away with? We can now add child trafficking alongside the child sex abuse scandal and also the teachings of the church on condom use. These are policy's and practices that cost lives, erode lives, and reduce people to mere pawns amidst some unfolding celestial drama. 
The Catholic church is polluted. It is poisonous from the inside out, from diocese to the Vatican hierarchy. Do we not have a moral duty to speak out? To make a fuss? To say loudly that it's time for the whole edifice to be pulled down?
In Spain today, there are thousands of mothers that have been lied to, and thousands of children raised in homes that were not those of their biological parents. And all because the Catholic church decided that it had the moral authority to decide whom was suitable and whom was not.
Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

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