Monday, 17 October 2011

The Duchess's Legs

It must have been a quiet news day? During my nightshift I was browsing the Mail online website and the following article caught my eye; Kate and her flesh-toned stockings are the talk of the town - but can nude tights ever truly be chic?”
Now being very much a leg man, and tempted by an image or two of the lovely lady herself, I found myself entering unknown territory and reading a fashion article. A women’s fashion article. From start to finish.
Apparently nude hosiery is all the rage since the Royal Wedding, with these garments adding additional chic and refinement to the average leg.
Personally I’d go for opaques because I’m darned If I’m about to shave my legs for anyone, unless I’m planning to rob a bank, in which case a sheer look would prevent me running into a lamp post when making good my escape. But anyway, as a bonafide fashion expert with seconds of experience I reckon that bare legs have always struck me as a bit Essex. I’m a fan of the classic look and I find a nice pair of sheer legs much more appealing, and dare I say it, classy? I also like the feel too, and my hands tend to wander towards Joy’s legs whenever she’s wearing them, which hasn’t always gone down well at funerals or church services.
What do you mean I’m not taking this seriously? This is my first fashion article and It’s a steep learning curve ok?
Anyway, I’m a leg man. In fact I’m about as much of a leg man as it is possible to be. I notice the legs before I notice the breasts, unless the breasts are the size of a small African country because then you can’t fail to notice them, can you? Actually, the more I reflect the more I find myself thinking that women are just lovely in general. Good old Adam, I say, That was one seriously well used rib. I’ve probably said this before, but I can usually find something attractive in most females. Might be a smile, might be the voice, or perhaps the eyes, the wit, or an agile mind. The words of a former girlfriend often come to mind when I consider this aspect of my personality. She told me that I was a man who genuinely adores women. It was a compliment at the time and one that I'm happy to accept. And if you’re legs are classy, well that’s just the icing on the cake.

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