Monday, 31 October 2011

The Drinks Are On Me. Apparently.

Or so it seems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m my father’s son, and always happy to get them in. What I object to is when people filch money from my pocket and assume I’m going to pay. Let me explain; this is about scroungers. I loathe them. They rile me to the very depths of my being because they represent something I just cannot comprehend. I don’t get why some people think they can live at my expense?
There's an element within society that appears to be doing just that. A day’s work just isn’t for them, and they concoct all manner of reasons to avoid doing what the rest of us have to do. As with all deceit it often begins with a kernel of truth. Perhaps a medical condition, a genuine malady that has caused problems. Some manage to get registered disabled, yet miraculously remain downright athletic in their capacity to get to the pub, or to the party, or anything that constitutes leisure. I’m sorry, but given this miraculous healing I find it hard to believe that you can’t earn a living? Are you really unable to do any work? Or have you realised you’re onto a good thing and allowed yourself to become an institutionalised layabout? I fear that in many cases the latter is true, and people develop a mindset that cripples them more than any medical condition.
Please note that for genuine claimants I have your back. I begrudge you nothing and do not seek to tar you. It’s just that there are those fleecing the system and using the common man as their meal ticket, and this is what I deplore. I’ve said this before but it’s bares repeating; if you’re well enough to booze, you're well enough to work. End of. And one other thing; if you must be an idle, work shy arse I’d appreciate it if you didn’t plaster your exploits all over Facebook, because that's rubbing it in. Millions of hard working people have their noses to the grindstone, and not getting much in return. To those that seek to duck out of this I have nothing but contempt. You deserve neither respect nor tolerance, and if I could force you to work then I would. I’m funding your lifestyle, I'm buying those drinks. I cannot tell you how much I resent that. If you had an ounce of self respect, any sense of decency at all you’d quit asking what you can get and instead ask what you can give. Nobody’s demanding you do a 60 hour week, but some kind of contribution would be nice. Do you really want to live on the toil of others like some flea on the back of a dog? Is that what you aspire to? Are those your limitations? If yes then shame on you. You don’t deserve an ounce of respect.

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