Thursday, 13 October 2011

Now That Was One Real Ugly Bitch

I overheard a conversation today. The time and the place aren't important, but the interaction was really something. A man walks past the desk of a female work colleague and they strike up an amicable conversation. For all the world they appeared to be friends, laughing and joking and being generally cordial.
The man leaves the room, and within seconds the female is being incredibly unkind and demeaning about him to her colleague. The transition was shocking and quite unexpected, and I was repulsed by this girls behaviour. I didn't think to do so at the time, but on reflection I should have gone over and asked her whether all her colleagues could expect the same treatment when not in her presence? Now from an aesthetic viewpoint this girl was attractive. Slim and petite and really quite beautiful. Yet in all honesty in those few moments she couldn't have been uglier. Given a choice I'd frankly have preferred to French kiss the Queen mother, because this is the kind of vileness that makes me want to wretch. I just don't get how a person can be that chameleon, so two faced and completely lacking in genuineness? You know something, if that's the price of beauty then the cost is too high. I'd go for plain and genuine every day of the week over such an unpleasant creature.
Because make no mistake, ladies and gentleman. That was one seriously ugly bitch.

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