Monday, 24 October 2011

An Equal Opportunity Flaw

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That's reasonable, right?
Just takes a bit of honesty, a bit of genuineness. Why then, are we so bad at this?
I don't usually blow my own trumpet, but this is an area in which I fare ok. whilst I won't win any popularity contests nobody has to second guess me. People know where they stand, and if I do stray into bad mouthing I tend to feel quite bad about it. That's not to say I won't be genuine about my feelings, but I don't have a knife ready to plunge into your back.
Think for a moment. We all know people like that. It's ugly to behold, isn't it?
And this is an equal opportunity flaw, drawing no distinction between straight or gay, male or female. If required, within seconds I bet you could produce the name of at least one person that you don't trust? Something about them just doesn't sit right, and it's always a bit awkward around them?
I'm possibly over sensitive. I want to have genuine and meaningful transactions with people, but I tend to recoil when in the presence of certain people. I'd rather spend my time in the presence of those I feel comfortable with; people who shoot straight and speak honestly.
If you feel a slight discomfort reading this, and there's a slight unease stirring within I'd suggest this is no bad thing. I'm not suggesting you suddenly stop speaking your mind, but you might want to reflect on how you do it? There's a dark statistic which observes that established liars find it very hard to trust other people, which should come as no surprise. What a tragedy to live life that way? To go through it never being quite sure whether your dishonesty is going to find you out? If you are prone to falsehood you should probably know that other's are most likely aware of it. They'll have reached this position through observation, through simply being around you and observing your interaction with others. I suspect you've got some issues forming meaningful connections? That's not uncommon. If so I feel for you, and I'm sorry that your life is this way. Perhaps now is the time to try living differently? To reign in the back stabbing and the double talk? The saying one thing whilst thinking another?
I'm not judging you. I'm just watching from a distance. And for those who are serious about change, I wish you nothing but the best.

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