Thursday, 6 October 2011

Just Another Myth

One of my intellectual heroes, Richard Dawkins, has just released a new beautifully illustrated book.
In it he barely mentions religion, and quite rightly only refers to Christianity as just one myth amongst thousands. Naturally, this has the zealots frothing at their evangelical mouths, and bemoaning that their particular fiction is not given special privilege. My question for them is simply to ask what was it they expected? Why should we have any more respect for Christianity than for any other religion? Christianity is quite simply a death cult that gained traction, and even that took a long time. There's a classic belief amongst the faithful that after the crucifixion the faith spread like wildfire, yet history reveals that for over three hundred years it merely bumbled along with all the other cults and belief systems of the time. And had it not been for the influence of Lactantius upon the young Emperor Constantine it is unlikely that it would ever have taken off at all. It was Constantine who decreed Christianity to be the religion of the Roman Empire, and only after this time did it take flight. To say otherwise is to deny history, which is what you have  to do on a daily basis as a believer. Facts don't matter when faith comes to play, because faith is the perennial petulant school child, demanding that the game be played only according to its rules. And if, perish the thought, you deign to suggest that their rules have no historical, logical, or philosophical basis then just duck as those toys fly out the pram.
I'm not interested in attacking individual Christians, but when it comes to their ideas I'm all over them like a bad smell. Only the other day I was sat talking to a Christian friend at the swimming pool as our kids had a lesson. She reads this blog, and whilst complimentary she observed that sometimes I  spoil for a fight. Well if what is at stake is truth about the nature of reality then I suppose I am. My dear Christian friends, I say merely that you have truly abject reasons for believing as you do. History has failed you, whilst reason is not your friend. You may be wonderful people in a whole lot of ways, and your hearts are as big as a bus. But you've still got it all wrong, and in so doing you cheapen yourself and your place in this world. I say again, Christianity is simply a death cult that gained traction, so whilst I love you all to bits, I won't be indulging your beliefs. I respect you too much to do that.

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