Friday, 6 May 2011

What to do with Bin Laden's corpse?

My initial thought was that we should dress him up as Lady Gaga and drop him via parachute over Mecca. However, that was not me at my most reasonable. So anyway, thanks to high velocity weaponry we have a partial cadaver of a very evil man. I say partial because I am aware of what high velocity weaponry would have done to his head. Now what to do? Well I happen to think that he was afforded an appropriate burial, in keeping with his religion. He is beyond us now, and no man nor woman shall ever worship at his shrine. I am vexed, however, at the bleating of the Muslim clerics that protest that Bin Laden was not given a proper Muslim send off? Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? So you're saying that he was a true Muslim then? Well that's fascinating? And there's me thinking that he was not the true face of the "Religion of peace". Anyway, let's be clear on something. He was evil, and he is dead. The President was correct not to release photographs; the images would have been gruesome and done nothing to dampen conspiracy theorists. If you want to belive that Bin Laden lives then so be it. It matters not. There are already sufficient maniacs out there in the dark places of the world just chomping at the bit to emulate his charming antics. So spend the months and years ahead chasing a phantom; create websites and YouTube videos for all I care. But do so in the knowledge that there remains plenty of murder, mischief, and vileness ready to spill from the spleens of those whom believe that Bin Laden was doing Gods will.

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