Wednesday, 4 May 2011

If God tells you to kill me then please proceed.

I'm serious. Deadly serious. Don't forget, If god decides that he should kill me he will have, according to many respected theologians, morally sufficient reasons for doing do. The same goes for any children he wants to slaughter (they go straight to heaven) and also for nations he wants to enslave, or rout, or expunge. It's all good, because God will have morally sufficient reasons for his decrees. Reasons so lofty and righteous that we are too enfeebled to grasp them. Is anybody feeling uneasy yet? Something not quite right? That's your moral compass spinning wildly, responding to a concept so devoid of true morality that it warrants only mockery and revulsion. Thing is, many decent Christians and Muslims give tacit agreement to such divine proclamation. That genius of the IT world, or that fabulously skilled counsellor, or that nurse or child care worker, or lawyer or farmer. Spectacular people, kind and generous and compassionate; they worship this God. Revere him. To them he is the ultimate expression of goodness, love, wisdom. So what to do when he says things that run against every intuitive sense of morality you have? Easy. Ignore the bad parts.Brush them under the carpet. Forget that it was Jesus who first mentioned Hell or who supported the keeping of slaves. Move along. Nothing to see here. We'll just live by the good bits, apply the golden rule. Ok, I'll stop there. But can I leave you with the following task? Next time a person you meet proudly declares themselves a Christian, try asking them where they get their morality from?

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