Sunday, 8 May 2011


You're ignorant. Yes, I mean you. No, not the person behind you. I mean you. Offended? Don't be. I'm ignorant, too. Fact is, most of us are ignorant about the vast amount of information and experience life has to offer. Our ignorance is a brute fact. I probably need to provide an analogy or two just so you don't get all grumpy on me. Here's an example; I'm ignorant on how best to leg wax. I'm ignorant on how to play a musical instrument, or how to cook an Octopus. I'm using the term ignorant in a very non confrontational sense. But, and here's the thing; we can all use it as a call to arms. Are there things you'd like to be less ignorant about? What's stopping you? Something you've always wanted to tackle but haven't gotten around to? Perhaps now's the time? You see, we can respond to stimulus in positive and negative ways. Some of you have still got the hump that I dared to insult you, but I reckon most of you have seen beyond my colorful use of language. In fact, what I'd love to see is you recognizing the incredible potential within. I've said it before; you are amazing. You're an incredible composition of life, light, energy and passion. Don't let it go to waste. Direct some of that energy into something that illuminates you. Get down and dirty with a dream or two. Let your imagination off the leash, let it take you on a journey. Who knows where the voyage may end?

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