Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Christians support child murder?

Remember my little rant a few weeks ago about the slaughter of the innocents? Remember the bit where I pointed out that the God of the Bible commanded the slaughter of men, women, and children? Remember that theologians often argue that (A) God would have morally sufficient reasons for doing this and (B) all the children get swept up to heaven anyway. Well what if I told you that by arguing for (B) the Christian is then unable to argue against abortion. Confused? Ok, I'll explain. It's rather easy. When the theologian argues for (B) part of the rationale is that the infant is spared the peril of falling into sin, which may lead to eternal damnation and a one way ticket to Hell. So by murdering them, you fast track the little pickles into heavenly rapture. Can you see where I'm going with this? Now let's think about abortion. Now if we apply the previously mentioned rationale then surely the more unborn babies we terminate, the less risk there is of them falling into sin? It's a 100% winner. No sin, no risk of Hell. Oh, but wait I hear the faithful cry. We're not God, we can't make these decisions. But what are you saying? Would God consign an unborn child to Hell for the sins of the living? That what you're saying? If yes, then your God is an even bigger monster than even I'd anticipated. Anyway, back to reality; I only use this example to demonstrate the tortuous logic and high level folly of those at the top of the Christian intellectual tree. Perhaps I'm being unkind, but there's an important point to be made. These people just don't think in a way that bears any resemblance to real world experience. Nobody, I repeat nobody should try to legitimize the slaughter of Children. Come join me in the real world ye great thinkers of Christendom. The waters cool, but it's refreshing.

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