Monday, 30 May 2011

Why you? Why me?

Have you ever heard somebody utter the words "Why me?" Or have you uttered them yourself? If yes then you're a member of a club frequented by more or less every other person in the human race. When faced with a crisis, or a looming fear, or some great betrayal or misfortune we can all be forgiven for staring heavenward and wringing our hands. At the risk of courting unpopularity could I possibly pose an alternate suggestion?
Rather than crying out "Why me?" I would suggest that a question of equal importance has gone unnoticed. And this is the one that simply retorts, "Why not?"
I'm serious. Why not you? Why not me? Are we seriously expecting some kind of free pass when life lashes out? Can I also suggest that when we ask this question we do ourselves a real disservice; because when we rage at the void we're not really raging against anything at all. Newsflash people; the universe doesn't care about you. It hasn't got a special plan. It owes you neither sadness or joy nor anything in-between. The dreams you hold  are for you to fulfill. The fears that grip you are yours to tame. There's no celestial helping hand reaching down, which means we're left with each other and perhaps sometimes just ourselves.
Too bleak? Too scary? Perhaps for some, yes. Our lives, whether we like it or not, are an intoxicating mix of the good and the bad. If you can face this bravely, and if you can still look to the stars even when the clouds of destiny seek to obscure the view, then come what may you can be proud of what you are.

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  1. So much I could add to this post tonight, but the timing is so, so wrong. With a sadden heart I bode you goodnight. Remember your dreams and if they shatter more than 1 piece will be broken.