Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Man Without A Past

That's me. I never look back. Only forward. I was in my last job for 13 years, and on my last day vowed I'd never be one of the steady stream of ex-employees who returned from time to time. I cycled away with absolute certainty not join those ranks, and never did. Same goes for when I walked away from Church. I left it all; the community, the way of life, the ebb and flow and security of faith. It's the same with relationships; if they don't come naturally I don't force them. In the past couple of years I've also been out with old school friends once or twice. Good people, great lads; yet I've changed beyond all recognition in the twenty or so years in-between. It felt like a regress to me; one should ever tread the same paths twice. People often seem to regard me as a laid back character; easy going and sedentary. That's not strictly true. I've an uncompromising edge on certain issues; truth matters and trust matters. Sometime I probably shock people when it comes to taking a stand. I don't do shallow and I don't get much from pointless meandering. Much prefer to get down and dirty, so to speak. Above all, I'm driven by the bigger questions and the great mysteries, I want to experience and understand as much as I can whilst I've got the mind to do it. We're so transient, just blips amidst the great eternity of past and future. This is my time in the sun; yours too. We should use it well. And that's why I never look back.

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