Monday, 2 May 2011

He may be dead, but the corpse is twitching.

Consider the following. Combine bronze age religious belief with 21st century apocalyptic weaponry, and reflect upon the potential for harm. If your God is telling you that your war is a holy war, then from a moral perspective all bets are off. I've illustrated on previous blogs the dangers of projecting our morality through the lens of religious delusion, and Bin Laden was the supreme example of just how wrong it can go. Don't think for a minute that this world is now a safer place; in the short to medium term the opposite will be true. I cannot bring myself to celebrate today, nor venture a sigh of relief. Religious delusion has a cancerous quality about it. Operate on one area and you often miss the secondary's, the latter being even more lethal. In the world today, right now, there are those utterly certain that their God is commanding them to carry out his will. Granted, for most believers their faith will manifest in a kindly fashion, but there is a continuum of religious belief that invariably implies a sliding scale that will cause some to act in ways bordering on the profane. This is why I regard all religious convictions as erroneous, and I draw no distinction in that appraisal. If you insist on believing in something in the absence of evidence, or often in the teeth of contrary evidence, you've placed yourself on the scale to which I have just referred.

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