Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Famous for what?

Read any tabloid, or cheap magazine, and on every page you encounter a relatively recent phenomenon. There's a person you recognize, yet it's never quite clear just how they achieved their fame? I think we probably have ourselves to blame for this infestation; many of us appear obsessed with the cult of celebrity. Perhaps it's because we live in the age of information? It doesn't take a whole lot to get noticed. But ask yourself; are these people really worthy of our time? I'm a bit of a snob when It comes to who I admire; the minimum I expect is that they've actually done something. This requires more than just shagging a Premier league footballer. Perhaps I expect too much, but what exactly are we wasting our time on? Besides, the most remarkable people we know are often the one's we call friends. Perhaps that person who makes you laugh, or think, or act in ways you'd never have dreamed of? Inspiration really is all around us. And those most deserving may even live under the same roof? Perhaps we're not always good at recognizing it or have just become so familiar we cease to notice? Each and every day we are surrounded by walking, talking miracles. It's all around us? Is it really so hard to see?

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