Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Right Words At The Right Time

Why are we so shy at passing compliments? Why do we often find it hard to accept them or believe them genuine? I'm apt to think we all, to a greater or lesser extent suffer from a confidence deficit. I actually really like saying nice things to people. If someone looks really attractive, or has lost weight, or has a new haircut I think it's nice to tell them. I mean, a compliment costs nothing, does it? And we can be so quick to run each other down, can't we? I wonder why we do that, too? Is that the same confidence deficit manifesting? I hope you don't object, but if you look great, do something cool, or if you're just a pleasure to spend time with I'm going to tell you. I'm not going to apologize for it, either. Actually, now I'm on a roll I'm going to pay tribute to my amazing working colleagues. I've got 11 days off now so I don't have to see them. You are, by a country mile, the most fantastic bunch of nut jobs I've ever worked with. You've made what can sometimes be a hard job that much easier. We hear the worst that life can offer and the standards we have to reach are demanding. I think you can be proud of your discipline, your reliability, and your desire to make people's bad days better. We work an insane shift pattern and have constant changes thrust upon us, and despite our moans and groans we do just get on with it. If those on the outside, and perhaps even some on the inside really understood what we have to deal with I hope it would change a perspective or two. Still, we don't do it for the applause, and we certainly don't do it for the money. So boys and girls, hold your heads up high, and keep doing what you do. The worlds a better place for it.

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