Sunday, 1 May 2011

The importance of being wrong

Odd title? I guess. But I think I'm onto something. If you're anything like me then being wrong is a lifestyle. What I mean to say is that if you explore a lot of issues, think about things inside out it's easy to get into a pickle. Then there's the danger I've referred to in previous blogs; that inner compulsion to believe only what we want to. We're good at this, capable of accepting propositions that sometimes fly in the face of reason, evidence, and intuition. And this is why learning to be wrong in the right way is probably one of the most important skills you and I will ever learn. The moment you recognize your capacity for error you can work with it. You can seek alternative opinions, read a variety of alternate viewpoints, many of which will fly in the face of what you might want to know about the world.
So I humbly offer the alternative piece of advice. Next time you think about an idea you treasure, or a belief you live by, instead of getting too comfy try and break it. Put your nose in it's face and say, "Are you for real?". More than that, don't just surround yourself with like minded creatures; to me that's plain lazy thinking.

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