Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fallen Angels, Risen Apes

For those unfamiliar, a creationist is a person who takes the book of Genesis as historical fact. This means that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, and was created by God in 7 literal days. It also means that every creature we see around us is an ancestor of animals from Noah's Ark. In North America there are regular court cases to ensure this lunacy is kept out of the science class. This is because it isn't science; it's myth. Of those working in mainstream science less than 0.02% hold a strict creationist view, but because of the pressure evangelicals impose on classroom biology teachers many are reluctant to teach evolutionary theory. Now why should I care? Why should you care? Well I'd suggest that this is another in a long line of examples of when religion poisons reality. Truth matters. It should transcend the primitive belief systems of an ancient civilization, yet here it is, thousands of years later, retarding the education of an entire generation. This sickens me. It should sicken you. The way we educate children will define our future, and we can choose to use the tools of science and reason, or the blunt edges of religious belief. I've had the misfortune of debating genuine American fundamentalists, and believe me it's a waste of time. These people won't change. These people cannot change. And here's the reason why. If they accept that we are an evolved species it rules out a literal Adam and Eve. And if they do that it creates, excuse the pun, an almighty problem. Jesus was sacrificed for the original sin of Adam, through whom evil entered the world. Remove Adam and that means Jesus died for a myth. And this contradicts what Jesus himself said. So that's the main issue, and that's why they hold this absurd worldview and try to share the delusion. So don't think for a moment that these people can be persuaded or reasoned with. Don't think that any evidence will suffice. If they abandon the book of Genesis, they know just as well as I do that the whole house of cards comes tumbling down around them.

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