Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Jeremy Kyle Generation

First, a bit of proverbial throat clearing. If you are a genuine person unable to work, you have my support. I'll walk with you every step of the way and I don't begrudge you a penny of the money you receive. But, if you are the kind of person who can work, and is physically able to work, yet chooses not to, might I suggest a bit of soul searching is in order? Everybody who reads this will know at least one layabout, a person who has decided that an honest day's work just doesn't compare with a morning in front of Jeremy Kyle. What makes you think that you can demand all the rights without taking any of the responsibility? What makes you think you can live off the hard work and graft of the hard working and honest taxpayers already struggling to get this nation back on its feet? And how is it you can afford to smoke, drink, and install a Sky TV dish on the side of your house? Where does this indolent lifestyle come from? Well it appears I'm paying for it, which makes you a parasite, living like the fleas on the back of a dog, creaming off the toil of others; absorbing, consuming. You appalling, lazy, freeloader. I know, I'm not exactly mincing my words. I think we should all be angry at these scroungers. Britain would never have achieved a thing if we depended on the likes of these. So here's my advice; show some self respect and assume the role of a responsible citizen. Be a real man, a real women, and make a commitment to being part of the solution rather than increasing the problem.

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