Tuesday, 12 July 2011


They crawl disheveled out of bed sometime around mid morning, heading downstairs for coffee and a fag. Sky World is switched on and the next hour is spent idly channel hopping. Just after midday they decide to go shopping, and head into town to hit a couple of off licenses before dropping by at McDonalds. From there it's onto the local pub, where for the next few hours they drink themselves into a stupor until one of them becomes aggressive. It all kicks off, glasses broken and chairs thrown, the Landlord having to call police, whom duly arrive and, amidst a torrent of verbal abuse tell the drink soaked couple to disperse. Once home they crack open the wine and spirits they bought, before at some point in the late afternoon a teenage son or daughter, dressed in threadbare clothes comes home from school and heads upstairs without uttering a word. In the hallway sits a walking stick and a wheelchair, these items used only when collecting benefit payments or when dealing with social services. Neither accessory is needed, yet both play an important role in the life of these benefit scroungers. 
Important note; the money they have spent today has not been earned honestly. It has been handed to them by a state duped into accepting whatever sob story was concocted to cover the fact we have two lazy freeloaders choosing not to work. They have applied for, and received every benefit going, and in so doing enjoy a lifestyle that many would envy.
I have a major problem with this. Call me hardliner, but doesn't being a member of society come with certain responsibilities? Aren't we all meant to contribute in order for society to function for the greater good? If yes, who gave these two, and thousands of others a free pass? I, like you, work very hard and take a certain pride in supporting my family. I don't even mind paying taxes so long as they are wisely spent for the good of all. More than that, I want to support and protect those genuinely vulnerable people who are unable to work, and I don't begrudge them a penny of support. 
As for the freeloaders, these lazy, sly, poor excuses for human beings I have no time at all. I think we need to root them out, name and shame, and force them to put their perfectly healthy bodies to work. We live in a society where cooperation is the key to a better future. We all have to contribute and play our part. We're citizens with responsibilities, not parasites with a God given right to fleece all the hard working men and women presently struggling through these dark financial times.
I'm not happy paying to subsidize scroungers. I want them outed, I want the balance restored, and if you're not prepared to play your part in getting Britain back on it's feet then don't expect a handout from me.

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