Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Suffer The Little Children

So the Vatican recalls it's papal envoy further to the latest report on abuse within the Catholic Church, a decision hastened by the Irish PM's spectacular attack on the deception and sleight of hand that this ghoulish organization has employed over the years. Let's face it, it's all been said, and I've chosen not to blog on the matter for this reason. Yet I find myself wondering at the wall of silence displayed by many Christians on this matter? I can think of few whom were involved in the protest the Pope rally last year, and I haven't heard many speak out in support of actions initiated against what is surely amongst the most evil institutions on Earth? To date we know that the criminality goes all the way from diocese to the Vatican itself, and we have smoking gun evidence that Pope Benedict actively concealed the actions of pedophile clergy during his time as a lower ranking Catholic officiate. Throughout this entire profane story, which appears to have been decades and possibly centuries in the telling, we have seen a consistent commitment to deception. The voices of the abused silenced, often under fear of retribution, whilst the Vatican itself has clearly decided that these criminal activities must be hushed up for the "Good of the church"
What does that mean exactly? Well let me have a stab at expounding. I think the "Good of the church" means putting the institutions interests ahead of justice for the weak, or reputation ahead of truth. In all counts the Catholic church has failed to do right by those it has wronged, and often, even when exposed, offending clergy were shuffled off to new diocese where they could pick from the low hanging fruit of fresh children. You might well ask yourself where is God in all of this? One might rightly ask why the Creator of the universe chose not to involve himself in addressing one of the most profane cover ups in all history? Well I cite non existence for his apparent apathy, which isn't going to go down well with the faithful. I've heard that the evil of man cannot be lain at the immaterial feet of God, and to an extent this would be true. But, does God's inactivity appear not at least suggestive of the fact that the whole edifice of the Catholic church is man made? I think yes. You all know that I hold to the view that man made God rather than the other way around. Oh don't worry, I don't expect this blog would convince any believer of such a starkly obvious fact, but no matter. The Catholic church continues to be it's own worst enemy and the best argument for atheism devised by humans since we emerged from the cradle of Africa. Were it not for the cost to thousands of young and vulnerable children, raped and violated by representatives of this stench ridden, criminal outfit I would almost be tempted to thank them for the free PR.

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