Sunday, 3 July 2011


We'd probably all like a bit more of it. We've probably all worried about it at one time or another. And we'd probably all agree that what some people have done in pursuit of it borders on the inhuman. Money is the great dictator, issuing edicts about what we can and cannot do. It decides where we live, what we buy, and often whom we spend our time with. Can you think of any other force that has such a hold over us?
I confess that I have one particular bee in my bonnet on this matter, and it goes thus; have you ever heard a colleague or a friend complain that they are just so poor? You have? Thought so. Now ask yourself, is the word poor in any sense appropriate? Consider the following; today 6/10th's of the worlds population will eat only rice, if anything at all. Furthermore another 30,000 will die of starvation. Still think that the term poor applies to you? I'd argue that most of you who read this have more now than the majority of the world will ever have. You have a roof, a bed, food on the table. Just because we cannot have all we desire does not mean that we are poor.
Actually, there's another bee. Anybody heard the term "Squeezed middle" since the banking crisis emerged? It's a middle class gripe bemoaning how we middle earners are bearing the brunt of the cuts. The term, to my clumsy ear at least, shrieks of griping. Poor old Middle England, unable to privately school your kids, or shop at Waitrose, or afford that second holiday. Woe is you; how cruel is the world!
Message to Middle England. Shut up. Seriously, just shut the fuck up. You pathetic, insipid, over educated fools. You have it better than most and still complain that you can't put jam on your bread.? You disgust me beyond all decent contemplation, and what you say is an affront to the many thousands of poverty stricken people who are genuinely on the breadline. If I hear that term used publicly I will personally rip you a new intellectual posterior. 

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