Thursday, 14 July 2011

There Will Never Be Another You

What does it mean to be truly happy? I don't have the answer. I should probably get that out of the way now. That said, I bet most of us all have some idea of the kind of ingredients we're looking for? Time for you to do some homework; try forming a few ideas in your mind of what would be required to bring you relative happiness and contentment? You done? Ok, now list them in order of priority so you've some idea of what really matters to you. Now stand back and reflect on the view.
I expect that whilst we would see some minor differences we would all come up with a relatively comparable list? For me I would rate relationships, health, financial security and self awareness as near the top. Beneath would probably be a desire to have enough free time to explore my passion for knowledge, the natural world, and my sexuality. Running through all these elements would be the acceptance that I can improve and grow and develop, and I'd want to be open to new ideas without my old biases getting in the way. 
But anyway back to you. You've probably all identified areas where you'd like things to be better, so I guess those are the areas that need attention? Now I don't know what kind of obstacles stand in your way, but I would encourage you not to give up. Sometimes the barriers seem so very high, and the options so limited, but don't lose heart. Don't die to your hopes and dreams, because if you do that the light within has already gone out. Recognize your own inner and outer beauty, and remind yourself of your own self worth. What I'm trying to get at here is that there will never be another you. Just let that brute fact settle on your consciousness for a moment. You are absolutely unique, a true one off, and your story cannot be told by anybody else.
There's nobody else to do the job. You're the perfect person for the gig. Know that deep inside and press ahead, and don't ever think less of yourself than you ought.

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