Thursday, 8 September 2011

So Now What?

It isn't really 2011. No really, that's just the calendar. It's probably nearer the year 14 billion, only our brains aren't evolved to cope with that. This is an ancient universe, perhaps one of many, and in terms of the amount of time we've been here we barely merit a mention.
Or do we? Well, thing is, to the best of our knowledge we're the only one's able to do it, which makes us special. In fact special doesn't even begin to describe it. We're beings that can think, feel, reflect, and a whole lot more besides. The evidence available suggests that the evolution of life is rare, infrequent, and absurdly improbable.
So here you are. Here I am. Alive. Capable of doing all sorts of clever stuff. Just how you going to play the hand you're dealt? Well here's just a little suggestion; seize it, savour it, devour it. Every waking minute is precious, each second a gift that we've been handed. It's incredible, insane, and it's yours. 
Depending on how you're life has panned out my enthusiasm may be a little lost on you today. I might even be getting on your nerves. Thing is, these are the days of your lives, your time on the greatest stage. So what's it to be?
You could waste the time you have, or you could get out there and be the person you always wanted to be. To be sure the sad days will come, but in the meantime you've got a whole lot of living to do. A lifetime, to be precise. I know you never asked for it, but it's yours. And it won't always be. So before the lights go out on this great adventure how about you live a little?

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