Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Food Glorious Food?

Inside me there is a fat man desperate to get out. It's another of my impulses I have to constantly battle to control. What motivates me to retain my current weight is a sense of obligation to Joy and also to myself. I don't want to look in the mirror and see roles of flab rippling above my boxers, especially as there's no medical reason for it. If I did get fat it would be because I had lost control of my eating habits, and lost the desire to make the best of myself. This get's me thinking about the issue of obesity in general, and the worrying increase we see throughout the population.
I wonder, how many of us put on weight because we lack self control? Or because we eat for comfort? Or when depressed, bored, lethargic? That would be the category I'd fall into, and as such I would have no excuses.
I can't blame my job, although shift work can disrupt eating patterns. I sure as heck couldn't blame boredom; I mean look at the world? Is boredom even possible? No, If I became a porker it would be my fault and my fault alone.
But what about you? Now here's where I make one or two of you a bit uncomfortable, because I'm going to suggest that we could all do more to look after ourselves in the weight department. I'm so fortunate that Joy is a fab cook and ply's me with healthy food deftly concealed in curry's and chile and pasta etc. Yet even if she didn't I think I'd still have a enough knowledge to figure out some kind of sensible eating habits. For example, I know that if I drink to excess and stuff myself with fast food the mirror isn't going to thank me for it. Actually, neither is my brain, which is directly affected by diet. My weakness is my sweet tooth, and my willingness to kill for Dairy Milk or a sticky donut. It's not quite as satisfying as sex, but it ain't a million miles away.
A brief caveat, I don't include anybody with a medical or psychological disorder in my criticism. I know for example that some anti depressants can increase weight gain. My critique is squarely at those of us who could retain control of our eating habits yet choose not to. Let's have a bit of honesty, shall we? It's about us isn't it? Our choices, our ability or lack thereof to say no. Perhaps I offend you by even suggesting such a thing, in which case you're welcome. If you're anything like me, sometimes you need to hear words that irritate before they inspire. That's the way good criticism works with me, anyhow. My initial response is to grumble, and then I just simmer, and then once I've got beyond my own personal insecurity I actually think about it. And then, if it's valid I try to take heed. 
We're not that different are we? So anyway that's my take on a subject that many find touchy. Self image is a sore point, and I expect I've rattled a cage or two. If yes, rest safe in the knowledge that the cage I've rattled most is my own. 

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