Sunday, 18 September 2011

Heavenly Lite

I read the strangest article today on the BBC website. It was from a person of faith who basically said, "It's not about what you believe , it's about how you live your lives."
Somebody clearly forgot to explain this to each of the worlds great religions, all of which make very specific claims about what we have to do to earn salvation. Besides, saying that "It's not about what you believe," is just about the least religious statement I've heard in years. It's dripping with humanism.
And let's be honest, how many Christian's really believe that it isn't important what you believe about Jesus? Or that Muslims are indifferent about the scarily specific claims of their prophet?
Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is cherry picking out of the closet. It's religion lite, all about living well and being the right kind of person. Only here's the thing; none of the holy books grant anywhere near that freedom. On the contrary, there are specific rites of passage and beliefs that one must profess, lest a person be struck from the heavenly guest list.
I do understand why this kind of article appeals to the more liberal Christian, but it's the kind of material that evangelicals and Mullahs would denounce as blasphemy at the drop of a hat. I suppose, from my perspective as a leathery old cynic I should be amused at the sheer amount of concession on display. Yet I'm actually quite sad to see something as profound as someone's beliefs so watered down that they cease to reflect what the great religions are seeking to teach. Once upon a time they used to stand for something really specific, yet now they've been reduced to obedient puppy dogs trailing behind the secular world, waggy tailed and big eyes, trying to get by on the feel good factor.
It's ironic. Atheists are often accused of seeking to undermine the religious convictions of others. Based on the article I studied today, I think the erosion is coming from the inside out.

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