Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wild Eden

Your planet is trying to kill you. No, really, there's nothing it does better than wiping the unwary from its surface. By way of an appetiser reflect upon the following brute facts; two thirds is covered in water which is hardly the most congenial habitat for humans. Of the one third left, vast swathes are either too cold or too hot for us to survive on. We live on a surface that's made up of continental plates, plates that from time to time reach critical tension and cause earthquakes and tsunamis. And then there's the volcano's, and the predators, and worst of all the bacteria. Whatever you do don't underestimate the bacteria. And let's just assume we do find a relatively safe perch we still have each other to deal with, and let's face it our track record is less than compelling. We've got squabbling down to an art form, and over the centuries we've come up with all kinds of reasons to destroy each other. 
But perhaps I'm being too gloomy? I mean there's the mountains and the forests, the rivers and the glaciers. And the puppies and the kittens. Mustn't forget them. And people aren't all bad, are they? What I'm saying though is that when we say our planet is perfect for us we're seriously kidding ourselves. It supports life, but it's perfectly happy to wipe it out. Planet Earth doesn't owe us a living, so we're going to have to figure that bit out for ourselves.
So all things considered, if we can look beyond the weather and the conflict and the natural forces arrayed against us, what we're left with is a kind of wild Eden, a place that has a menacing beauty, and a grandeur that often leaves me lost for words. And at the end of the day this is our own little space in the cosmos, and at least for now our home. So let's share it and be sensible stewards, shall we? And for the sake of the puppies let's at least all pretend to get along?

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