Friday, 16 September 2011

The Woman In Black Stockings

Can't help it. Can't keep it in. Feel free to laugh at my expense. Have just watched the new M&S advert, part of which shows an attractive older women sliding black stockings up her leg. I was forced to pause and watch it twice, purely for research purposes you understand. There's something so sexy about that kind of scene, a really sensual sexiness and feminine quality that I've always been drawn too. What was also interesting was that they used a model in her late 40s and made her look absolutely stunning, and the overall message was that age is no barrier to sexiness.
Confession. Younger women do nothing for me. Perhaps I'm missing something. There's something about a mature women that trumps the younger one every time. Perhaps it's to do with reaching a point where a person becomes comfortable with themselves? It's that kind of confidence and assertiveness that does it for me. If I'm being really honest, the last time I went out in Milton Keynes I found the whole exercise so deadly boring. Couldn't quite connect with the drunken images tottering around in high heels and skirts that left so little to the imagination. And here's the point I'm driving at; our imagination is the spiritual home of our sexuality. It's where we really process the data, so to speak. And this, I think, also kicks into the value of building really good long term relationships. You get comfortable with each other, intimacy goes to new levels. When I hear some couples speak about how the spark just went I want to ask why they let that happen? Didn't they feel able to talk about this? Were they really being honest with each other?
Anyway, back to my M&S lady. The advert culminates with the phrase "Still turning heads," and she certainly turned mine.And no,despite my obsession with stockings it wasn't just the legs. It was her confidence, her radiance, which is something I don't think you can fake. I reckon that real sexiness is when the balance is struck between revealing just enough, yet leaving plenty to the imagination? It's in the flash of a smile, the glint in the eye, the scent of a perfume.
Get's me going every time. And at forty, that's something of a relief.

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