Saturday, 10 December 2011

Another Day, Another Moron

According the Bill Donohue, head of the American Catholic League, as an Atheist I “Believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are good for nothing.”
I have to confess, I was not aware of this? He's got me thinking, though, so I figured I'd put his assessment to the test.
I believe in lots of things. Oxygen and gravity to name just two. I believe there's a reasonable chance the sun will rise tomorrow, that I will get out of bed, and have at least one thought of a sexual nature. I believe strongly that I'll dwell on that last one far longer than I probably need to.
In terms of what I stand for? Well I value truth and honesty, courage and self reflection. And I sure value living fully and passionately and being open to new experience. I also stand for challenging delusion in all it's forms, which as you might imagine keeps me rather busy.
And as for what I'm good for? Well he should ask any women I've ever gone down on.
Oh come on, you weren't seriously expecting me to spend long on this basket weaver, were you?

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