Monday, 12 December 2011

Rick Perry - The Man Without A Clue

As things stand, Rick Perry's anti gay Christmas message on YouTube has now reached legendary proportions. It has received 697,000 dislikes, which takes some doing. Moreover, it has spawned a tsunami of parody videos, some of which are of formidable quality.
For the uninitiated, Rick Perry is a Republican Presidential candidate, and evangelical Christian, or at least that's what we had all thought.  He is about as American as Apple pie, and appears to be a male clone of Sarah Palin. Sarah with a dick, if you like. In all my years of watching Christians self destruct on the alter of inanity, I don't think I've ever encountered a more spectacular example. And trust me I've seen a few. I find myself wondering; if he had changed his mind about wanting to be President, why not just say so? Why create a video that so remarkably misses the public mood and instead taps straight into the femoral artery of the evangelicals? I can only assume it was a calculated risk, although whomever made the calculation really has something to answer for. 
These gays; scary things. They touch each other! They have a little tinkle with each others bits, and if you love Jesus this just won't do. Because if there's anything that makes the baby Jesus cry its penis's that get too close to each other. I've previously likened it to the scene at the end of Ghosbusters when the team argue about crossing the beams. It would be bad. Oh so very bad. 
Ok, let's ease off for a minute and consider just what it takes to even consider holding the kind of views that Governor Perry holds? What force of nature can create such fear of another demographic that it will actively campaign to deny them rights and privileges?
Oh yeah, Christianity. That didn't take much working out, did it? Good old Jesus worship, or zombie worship as I prefer to call it. Cos' lets face it, that's what we call people who rise from the dead isn't it? So let's gets this straight then, Rick; you were told by a zombie that when penis's or vagina's come too close together this will somehow bring about the end of the world? That people of the same gender cannot love, cannot feel, cannot be drawn to one another in the fullest possible way? You strange, sorry, uneducated man. What more need be said for either him or his followers today? Happily, the people have been sending him and Christian bigots a clear message since his video went viral, and the message goes thus; We're happy for you to hold any personal beliefs you want, and have no desire to make laws or legislate against you. We recognise and respect your right to be heard, and ask no more than you extend this same courtesy to other groups of people. If you do this we can all live harmoniously, and perhaps engage with some issues that we all consider pressing such as climate change, population, economic growth and human rights. 
Surely Baby Jesus is cool with that?

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