Saturday, 10 December 2011

He's just too much!!

My best friend taught me everything I know about being open. By way of example, if she hasn't told you about the intimate workings of her womb and pelvic floor within the first five minutes of meeting it means she doesn't like you. Ok, that's marginally over the top, but I do owe her a lot for helping me out of my shell. I think I've probably earned myself a reputation for being candid, and the more you get to know me the worse it gets. For some reason, the subjects that society finds taboo I can't get enough of. So be it religion, sex, or whatever just bring it on. I should probably come with a health warning, something along the lines of "Exposure to Rob may seriously damage your social skills"
What I mean to say is that I do get bored very easily. I just like to go straight to the lively stuff, because at the end of the day that's where it's at isn't it? By the way, this also makes me a very acquired taste. Some people love the fact that I'm so socially inept, whilst others would gladly refer me to the nearest mental health practitioner without seeking my approval before hand.
Know something? I don't want to change. I like cutting to the chase, and similar people will be ok with that. I think I have sufficient discernment to know when not to dive in, but if you give me even the slightest wisp of openness I'm going to have your intellectual knickers off quicker than you can say jack flash.
Pet hates as follows; political correctness, lack of honesty, absence of genuineness. If you manifest these then I'm off. Got better things to do than to play games. And unlike most people I don't need a drop of alcohol to open up; the latch is already undone so you need only nudge the door.
Have I always been this way? Not so much. It's just that over the last few years I've wanted to project an honest image; I can't find it in my heart to play games or suffer fools gladly. I'm sometimes right and I'm sometimes wrong, and Lord knows the words don't always come out well. But if you can look beyond that, and if outrageous conversation is as fun for you as it is for me then we'll get along just fine.

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