Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tide Goes In, Tide Goes Out

If you're really looking to change something in your life, why wait until the 1st January? What is this whole New Year resolution thing? I mean, shouldn't we always be changing and evolving and learning?
Seems to me that change is just what life is, just part of the package. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And sometimes change makes the choices for us. And in acknowledging that we uncover our most persuasive illusion; namely this idea that we're actually in control of anything. Sure, make plans if you've got them, but do so in the knowledge that you're not truly at the helm. There are areas we can influence, and regions we cannot. It's useful to be mindful of this. If you're in any doubt about my claim think about 2011. How many of you planned to be bereaved, to lose a job, to win the health lottery and find yourself fighting a lethal condition? Life throws curve balls at us all the time, in both the small scale stuff and large. There isn't too much we can do to protect ourselves from some things, but we can use our minds to navigate a rough path across the seas of fate. I expect many of you have dreams; by all means chase them down. This is your chance after all. Besides, this is the stage on which the drama is played out, and today the lights are on us. 
On a personal level, 2012 has dangers and opportunity already built into the core program. There's going to be some change, and as always I want to be open to life's eclectic range of experiences.
For those of you who have interacted with me this year, thank you. For those of you that have made me laugh, made me think, made me hot under the collar, thank you for the role you've played. I don't often ponder how I influence others, but I hope at the very least I haven't bored you. 
Enjoy the turning of the year later today people. Just don't forget that the wheels of time never stop turning, and change is just a part of the gig.

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