Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ultimate meaning?

A few Months back I was told by a bright, articulate, and engaging lady that, in her words, "what's the point?" of life without belief in a higher power? At the time I let it pass, but I've come to suspect that by saying such a thing she has cheapened herself. We all desire to lead meaningful lives, but what does that mean in real terms?
Well for me, the meaning in my life is directly connected to how I apprehend my day to day experience. Are you going to say that without God I cannot love my wife, my children, my obsessions and fetishes? Are you saying that the beautiful country walk I've just returned from was a meaningless waste of time? Or that I shouldn't have rescued that baby lamb that was caught in fencing because there is no God to give those moments an ultimate meaning? If you are then I'm frankly at a loss. How can you say that? On what basis? Sure, one day I shall die, and nothing of me shall remain in the physical sense. But so what? My children will carry the mantle into the next generation, and perhaps on my journey I might have influenced my fellow primates in a meaningful way. What does God add to the mix? I suggest to you that your need for an ultimate meaning is a projection, an understandable desire to avoid your own destruction. Now that's your business, but I cannot help but suspect that the only person you are fooling is yourself.

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