Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Calm Down, Wench!!

Is that a bit un politically correct? Good. For the entirety of this blog females will be referred to as wenches, for no other reason than the fact that this is my blog and I can get away with it. Truth is, I adore wenches.I worship the ground you walk on. I'm also terribly guilty of entertaining various fantasies that I'd love to make real if only I could get away with it. Oh dear. Was that clumsy? Inappropriate? Fantastic. I'm on the right track, then. Ok, so I objectify wenches from time to time. I dare to let my imagination stray into realms best described as scurrilous. Before you descend on my door with pitchforks screaming "Off with his testicles" can I also add that some of the most engaging, intelligent, hard working, and inspiring people I work with are wenches. More than that, I'd be lost in a world without you.
Tar and feather me if you want. Many feminists are doing just that to David Cameron at this moment, guilty as he is for heinous crime of cracking a joke at the expense of the Labour front bench. Come on people, cut us just a little bit of slack. We're just empty headed, sexually obsessed hairless monkey's. What do you expect?

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