Sunday, 24 April 2011

The greatest miracle

Tempted to look heavenward? Just hold that thought for a moment. I might be able to point you in the direction of something so beautiful, so moving, so transcendent, that you come away just a little bit reborn. Ok, now look up. Up into the clear night sky. Go out into the garden if you have to, try and get the clearest view you can. It's important.
Those stars, those great pearls of the night; would you believe me if I told you that you were looking towards home? Not persuaded? Ok, I clearly need to try harder. Let's put this plainly; the elements required to make you and I, along with everything else in the known universe are cooked up in the interior of stars. You are, in every meaningful sense, stardust. And it get's better; you've travelled vast distances on your journey; nebula, constellations, they are of you and in you. And perhaps most wondrous of all is that in order for you to live a star has to die. A spectacular death, an iridescent death that hurls those materials, those elements outward so that one day they might coalesce into planets, chemicals, life, you.
Keep looking up. Don't you dare look away. I need you to understand something, and at a level that might help you appreciate a very real fact. Your journey, from star, to stardust, to you makes you special. Special beyond any insult, any abuse, or any pain another person may cause you. Perhaps tonight you are feeling alone, disconnected, dare I say worthless. Please don't. You're amazing. You're wondrous. You're a unique piece of history and your story is part of the greatest story of all. So hold your head up lonely traveller; beautiful girl, wonderful boy. Don't let the slings and arrows of life bring you down. Know what you are, and believe you are a miracle greater than any you will ever read.

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