Friday, 22 April 2011

Sex anyone?

Sex and sexuality fascinate me. It's just so full of taboo's that I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame. We're a diverse bunch, aren't we? Our kicks are many and varied. Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they tick? Well here's the thing; whatever conclusions you draw are more than likely wrong. Take that quietly spoken, well mannered girl who does everything by the numbers at the office, before slipping seamlessly into the role of the Dominatrix with her lover. Or that smart talking doctor who never loses his cool by day; perhaps a closet transvestite by night? Ok, colorful examples, but here's the point; why do we live in a society where we treat certain forms of sexual expression as taboo? Why do we use terms such as kinky, or perverted. Why don't we use positive terms such as creative? Courageous? Individual? Isn't the important factor consent, or consensual non consent?
Here's my promise to you; I'll never think worse of you for your sexual choices unless they are deliberately and non consensually harming others. So do what makes you happy, give full reign to the amazing sexual creativity you've discovered down the years. Enjoy that sex toy, or your bondage gear, or those clothes. Enjoy being plain vanilla and just rolling around in bed with the person you choose. There's no rules to this thing, and the possibilities are almost endless. Sexuality is great; live in the power of it.

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