Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Does Christianity have a future?

This is a subject I always battle with. As a former Christian who's experiences of the faith and its people were largely positive, I've seen first hand what a positive impact it can have. I lost my faith further to deep reflection, and it was a traumatic period for me. My wife is a Christian and a beautiful lady, and her family are Christians also, as are many of my dearest friends. They are kind and intelligent and compassionate people for whom I have much respect. The faith they have is benign, and informs the way they lead their lives. Do I think they are wrong; yes. Do I think that by abandoning the faith their lives will become qualitatively better; for many no. The more I reflect, the less inclined I am to want to see this life choice extinguished, but I would want to see its more extreme elements domesticated in the manner that the philosopher Daniel Dennett speaks of.

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  1. On Daniel:
    "A fourth observation in favor of the model is that it permits moral education to make a difference, without making all of the difference."

    Interesting topic opener?

    Also: there is a lot to the christian religion that Christians would long hope to see divorced from the key tenet of Christianity.

    What would you call someone who is anti-religion but an orthodox Christian? "areligious"? "non-religious" seems a loaded term?