Thursday, 27 September 2012

Why Islam Does Not Impress

If you are prone to acts of violence when your beliefs are challenged, I have no time for you. If you seek to silence those who hold a view contrary to your won, I have even less time for you. And lets be honest, if you're intent on suppressing those of dissenting voice that alone smacks of fear and, dare I say it, a tacit lack of confidence in that which you profess to hold dear. Now here's the thing. I don't want to silence you. I uphold your right to your beliefs so long as they are not held at the expense of others. What I will do, however; and what is essential for a functioning democracy is to be able to express oneself without fear of violence or repercussion. Regarding Islam, I do not believe its truth claims, and I happen to think some if its teachings have incurred a terrible cost to the advancement of society. I'd like for Muslims across the globe whom disbelieve to feel able to come out into the open without fearing death or torture. That to me would be progress. And I'd like zealous believers to be less lightweight when they are challenged, too. Children lash out and paddy when they don't like what they've heard, but you're men and as such you need to act like men. Real men. Stop all this violent silliness and gird your proverbial sides. Any fool can burn a flag or go on the rampage; how about instead you try touting your beliefs into the global market place of ideas and see if they withstand scrutiny? At present, the lack of respect many Westerners feel towards Islam is probably bolstered by the endless histrionics we see whenever the Prophet is offended. We don't take kindly to being told what we can and cannot think, and we already have laws that guide us regarding what we can or cannot do. These aren't perfect, and they are open to revision, but we have chosen them above theocracy. I do not believe in Islam. I am unable to respect the teachings of Islam, and that is my right as a citizen of the democratic west. Please try harder to understand this, and find a more persuasive method of seeking to advance your ideas.

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