Sunday, 23 September 2012


I have woken up to myself. It has taken years, and I am no longer in denial as to the central tenets of my character. I owe nobody an explanation for what I am, nor justification. What others perceive about me is up to them; I won't doff my cap to your standards or promise to play by your rules. I've not interest in lamenting a past that I cannot change, nor grieving over what has been lost. I have no bitterness towards those who've wronged me, and can truthfully observe that such a list would be ridiculously short anyway. If I succeed, I shall enjoy the feeling; If I fail; I shall do so in the knowledge that it will never be for lack of effort. I have many talents I'm familiar with, and I expect one or two I'm yet to discover. Conversely, there are things I'd like to improve upon but suspect I never shall. I'm an eclectic mix, a messy canvas, and the paint isn't dry all over. It's a work in constant flux, in need of revision and reflection. That's just fine with me.

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