Saturday, 8 September 2012

I Think I'm Done Here.

I've spent a lot of time blogging about religion. I've aired pretty much every grievance, considered all the arguments, and emerged with my views fairly well formed. Not, I hasten to add, so carved in stone that I'm immune to new evidence; it's just I don't have much else to say on the subject. I feel I've taken things as far as I can go, having spent long hours wrestling with the issue. I expect I've alienated a fair few, and entertained others. Point is, I'm all out of interest in the subject. I feel as though I've truly moved on. I'm purged of the delusion, I'm no longer a recovering Christian but fully recovered. The spell, or curse, is broken, and the silliness of my former worldview is as clear to me as it could possibly be. I leave behind many who've not shaken the bug, and I wish them well. If a dose of the Gospel gets them through the day then whatever. It's up to them how they see the world. For me, it's truth first, and wishful thinking nowhere. I can't do it. I won't. It seems wasteful and just a bit loony to me. Besides, the more I learn, the more interesting the world becomes. Lots to think about, lots to engage with; my fascination with religion was taking up precious hours of my life. So I'm done with talking about it. Bored with talking about it, actually. There's no God shaped hole in my heart, just a rich vein of enthusiasm for the journey that I'm on. I might, from time to time comment on particular religious inanity, and I certainly won't be extending faith one iota of respect. But those will be exceptions rather than the rule. Life fascinates me. People. Sex. The human condition. And when I have something I want to say this is probably where I'll still say it. It'll just be a bit less frequent. And I'm going to have to be in just the right mood. So apologies to those expecting me to be always ready to pick away at the low hanging fruit of religion; the target has become too soft and rancid and icky. My country is post Christian, and the States is finally cottoning on, too. The world has woken up and is wiping the sleepy dust of muddled logic from its eyes, leaving a diminishing percentage believing that organised religion has anything to bring to the big questions of the 21st century. The ship has sailed, the flight has left, the train has left the platform. The world is moving on, and as such so am I. Sayonara.

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