Monday, 23 July 2012

An Open Apology To Rick Warren

Being wrong is never easy. It's a bit humbling, a bit awkward, and frankly something I could do without. Thing is, this blog is meant to be a thing of honesty, which means that sometimes I have to look hard at myself and have enough personal integrity to step up and accept brute facts when they stare me in the face.
The other day I ripped into Rick Warren, who I thought had blamed the Colorado shooting on evolution. It now emerges that his quote was not a comment on the shooting, but on something completely different.
I am amongst thousands who got the wrong end of the stick and ventured a severe critique of the man. Based on this new information I unreservedly offer a full and open apology for what was an error on my part. I got caught up in the hype, didn't wait for verification, which for someone who values truth and evidence a much as I do is a schoolboy error. Whilst I disagree with much of what Rick Warren stands for I'm not in the business of being unfair for the sake of cheap shots. I got this call wrong and the joke is on me. I offer no excuses and accept that I made a blunder. I feel it important to be up front on this because I do not wish to portray a false image of myself, and more important I do not wish to harm the reputation of another person when I have no good reason to do so.
No excuses. Mea Culpa, as they say in Italy.

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