Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Rant About Rick Warren

This blog is born of anger. Correction, it is born of contempt. Sheer contempt for a tweet issued by mega church pastor Rick Warren. The tweet blames evolution for the Colorado shootings, suggesting that if we teach people that they are animals they will act like animals.
Really? I mean, really? Is this the most salient, considered response we are going to get from America's leading evangelical? I wonder, what about all the billions of people who didn't go out an kill a group of strangers today? Should we credit evolution for their self control? No, and let me just clear this up for all concerned. Evolution is blind and without purpose, with natural selection winnowing out unfit organisms and favouring those with the required survival tools. It doesn't feel, doesn't think, doesn't consciously plan. It's a process billions of years in the making and it is unguided. Now with that out of the way, let's be honest about what has happened here. Some disenfranchised kid has lost the plot big time, a kid who probably had the lid screwed on too tight for too long. Make no mistake, his actions were planned and purposeful, from buying the weapons to the acquisition of ammo. Somewhere along the way his mind went wrong and he began to plan this horror. I note he was a churchgoer, but I wouldn't for a second attribute his actions to christianity. Why then does the good pastor Warren see fit to throw this carnage at the door of secularism?
The answer is quite simple. Rick Warren is an overweight idiot beguiled by his own delusions. And he has kindly decided to out his idiocy in the clearest possible terms. Nobody who reads or who hears of his tweet need ever doubt this man's credentials again. He has nailed his imbecility to the mast, he has dangled his intellectual genitalia in the wind and said "Hey, look at me"
The troubling thing is that Rick Warren is a heavy hitter in evangelical circles. His books sell by the millions, and Christians the world over appear often dazzled by his proclamations. Perhaps today will serve as an appropriate wake up call to those intoxicated by his cretinous warbling. Rick Warren is an intellectual midget, a lightweight so self evident that nobody need harbour any doubt. Those of you who respected him before are thus released from further obligation. He is a cretin. He is a weapons grade arse. And we should thank him for doing us the service of making this so crystalline clear.

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