Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Newsflash!! Females Loose In The UK Who Admit To Enjoying Sex!!!

If sales of the Mr Grey trilogy are anything to go by, females appear to quite enjoy sex. And not just conventional sex, but kinky and erotic fetish and domination games to boot. The Daily Mail appears to think this is news. I, on the other hand think this is about as newsworthy as leading with the story that the sky is blue.
I mean, what an overreaction. This isn't news. It's good old fashioned common sense and common knowledge to any man that's ever taken the time to listen to a partner speak candidly on issues of sexuality. So what if a women likes the idea of being dominated by an experienced male? Who cares whether a good dose of bondage is route one to orgasm central. This is quite possibly the least controversial piece of breaking news in years.
This whole sex thing still appears shrouded in a combination of hypocrisy and denial. There appears a continued awkwardness on the part of many that a good section of society might like to engage in role play or fantasy or the creative expression of sexuality. In a sense, sex can be considered as adults playing, so why shouldn't this be a rich and varied and creative process? Intimacy shared is a wonderful thing, and when partners commit to listening to each other and encouraging sexual openness I reckon even the sky doesn't have to be the limit. 
Let's stop being coy about the whole thing. This is the 21st century and sexuality is a fantastic part of being human. We still carry an awful lot of unnecessary baggage and I think it weighs us down more than it needs to. 
Perhaps you think me too candid? Too outspoken? Making too many assumptions? I just get tired of all the denial and the covering up of desires and compulsions that can potentially be avenues to a rich vein of human experience. And as I have said before, finding out what makes a person tick is such mischievous fun I think everybody should try it.
So there. Said it. It's ok to be sexual. To admit that your sexuality is unique and expansive and positive. So whether you're straight or gay, in a relationship or flying solo, just let yourself off the hook and get down to the business of enjoying who you are.

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