Thursday, 16 October 2014

Why I Won't Ever Strike

So, Police staff are being balloted for possible strike action. If you're tempted to buy into this idea you may want to consider the general success rates strike action yields. Clue; it's low. Abysmally, horribly, unnervingly low. Oh, but you want to make a point, I hear you say? Err no, that isn't going to work, either, by simple virtue of the fact that you're effectively punishing those with little or no power to change things for you. And let's get real, we are the Police; we are here to serve and protect. That's the prime directive, and I really don't see how we can do that when we're not actually doing the job. And let's go further and observe that if money is that important to you then a career in law and order probably wasn't the wisest career path you could have chosen. I accept that a 1% increase is miserly, and I accept that austerity has stripped us down to what some might argue are dangerous levels. We don't have a whole lot of resilience, and I think we could do a lot of things much better. But aside from the fact that strike action never works I really think those considering doing so need to ask what they are in this business for? Speaking personally, I like making peoples bad days a bit better. When I'm on form, and when those around me are engaged we really can make a positive difference. And for me that's a privilege, and despite being quite an immense arse for long periods I do genuinely feel that I have a duty of care. So with this thought foremost I have no intention of punishing the general public for the foibles of my elected government, and if there is a strike my arse will remain firmly in my seat, doing what I can, giving it my best. To close, punk rocker John Lydon, when asked on one occasion to described the Sex Pistols he referred to them crisply as, "Cunts trying"
I happen to think this describes me perfectly, and probably a few of my colleagues, too. So if the day comes when strike action occurs forgive me for not joining you on the picket line. I'll be at my desk, alone if I must, trying to do my job. For all my faults, this is what I choose to do, and under no circumstances will I risk the well being of others to make a political point.

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