Monday, 21 May 2012


Cold hard truth. Truth without compromise. Truth without sentiment.
We've all been on the receiving end of it, and it can cause immense pain and angst. We form ideas about the world, about ourselves, and we invest a lot of time in them. What emerges is our picture of reality, a series of values and ideals and perspectives. And we can be darn precious about them; so much so that we find it almost impossible to change. Thing is, this thing called reality is an impartial beast. Doesn't care about you, or about me, which is actually a really good thing because it means that it can never bend to our will.
What am I getting at here? Well I'm mulling what it means when the facts don't dovetail with our perception of reality? When this happens, what are you going to do?
Your response to this says an awful lot about you, and a lot about your moral character. You see, I just don't get how people can cling onto views when everything else screams that those self same views are false?
By way of an example consider the following; I have people close to me who have publicly stated that even if they knew they were wrong they would continue to hold their existing set of beliefs. I'm tempted to repeat that sentence but it doesn't get any better 2nd time around. And wait for it, both people who have stated this are educators. People tasked with teaching others how to think.
It's astonishing, isn't it? Why would anybody want to chose unreality over truth? How does that happen?
Well, it isn't really much of a mystery.
We like our world to be as safe as we can make it, which is why we form networks of ideas that often create little cushions around us. It makes the whole thing a bit more palatable. Thing is, I just couldn't get comfortable on a cushion like that. I mean can it really offer comfort? Can it provide support? What's it good for?
Ok then, to the business end. I cordially invite you to align your views with reality, and to be open to new ideas and new experience, allowing you to be free from ideas chaining you down. If what you believe doesn't conform with the facts then have the courage to admit this. The most important questions surely relates to how the world really is. And why wouldn't you want to know? Is it truly preferable to maintain a veneer of ignorance?
I just don't get it. It's alien to me. Which is why I'm always going to make a certain type of person uncomfortable. You see, I cannot; no, I will not indulge you when you make claims that the facts don't support. I like you too much and as a matter of fact respect you too much.
For my part, I confess to holding passionate views. But here's the thing; I will change these if the facts compel me to do so. No matter the emotional pain, no matter the implications. I cannot live a lie just because it's sugar coated with the promise of false comfort. And if I'm not prepared to lie to myself, then don't expect me to lie to you.

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