Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Growing Up Is Not Optional

Next time you want to make a point try yelling and hollering at the person you are trying to persuade. Try being verbally abusive, childish, or even needy. If you're really stuck try throwing something, or threaten to harm yourself or others. Perhaps kick the dog, strangle the cat, or maybe leave the gas oven on overnight. Because that’s all going to work, right? Welcome to the world of personal immaturity, a land where nobody ever taught you to act like an adult, or deal with the emotions that come when you don’t get your own way. Welcome to a world where age is no barometer of maturity, where acting like a child is your default, where you always hurl your toys from the pram. Actually, maybe that’s a really dumb idea. Maybe that’s pretty much route one if it was your intent to lose the respect and patience of those around you. It’s the land of eternal youth. When the spoilt child erupts from the adult and seeks to control and coerce. Forgive my sarcasm, but there are days when I only deal with adults that suffer from what I term Peter Pan syndrome. Unable to grow up, or deal with adversity with maturity. Now I'm far from perfect, but what kind of arse thinks that the way to succeed is to shout and scream and stamp their fully grown feet. I mean, what happened to you? Did you skip the part where you learn to deal with and accept the fact that you don’t always get your own way? Did that particular brand of reality prove too taxing? I mean seriously people. Get a grip. Grow up. Join the rest of the adults and learn a coping mechanism or two. As you may have guessed I have just spent a nightshift dealing with a whole gamut of people who never quite made the transition from child to adult. And the barmy thing is that they come from all walks of life. Well to do’s, working class, all the way up through the spine of middle class England. Ok, so there is generally a correlation between intellect and maturity, but the line isn’t as clear as you might think. Oh by the way I’m not preaching. This is more of a world weary rant. And I’m not in the mood to offer advice. Actually, that’s not true. My advice is simply to suck it up, get a grip, and grow a pair. Frankly I don’t give a rat’s scrotum. I don't want to spend my day, or my night wading through the kind of emotional nonsense that you should have left behind long ago. Grow up. Just grow up. Find ways to deal with disappointment and frustration that don’t leave you looking like you just walked out of pre-school. I’d like that ever so much.

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